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1. Closed-loop speed control by Hall signal. Maximum torque can be achieved at low speeds.
2. Wide speed adjustment range: support 200~20000 rpm speed range.(Two-pole motor)
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● Closed-loop speed control by Hall signal. Maximum torque can be achieved at low speeds.

● Wide speed adjustment range: support 200~20000 rpm speed range.(Two-pole motor)

● Provide soft start and stop function, softer start and stop, higher security.

● Wide voltage input range, adapt to 20~55V DC power supply.

● High current driving ability, continuous rated current up to 20A, the peak current up to 40A.

● Support external Potentiometer, external voltage and external PWM speed control.

● Provide over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, hall sensor error protection and alarm function.

● Support CAN2.0B Modbus protocol.

Typical application : 

BLD4820TC is widely used in textile equipment, medical equipment, food machinery and equipment, power tool, garden machine, smart-home device and other electrical automation control fields.

Product overview :

BLD4820TC is applied to the speed control of brushless DC hall motor. Its biggest advantage is that it can always control the motor to maintain the maximum torque at low speed. In addition, this product has advantages of diversified speed adjustment mode, wide speed adjustment range, complete functions, hardware and software full protection, etc.

Diversified speed adjustment mode: 

Provide potentiometer speed control, voltage speed control, external PWM speed control, CAN speed control, etc. Wide speed adjustment range: support speed adjustment within the range of 200~20000 rpm(Two-pole motor); Complete functions: with functions of enable, positive and negative turning, braking, motor speed signal output, alarm output, etc. Hardware and software full protection: with functions of blocking protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection, the hall signal fault alarm, etc.

Function and parameter :

Supply voltageRated operating voltage: 48VDC (operating voltage range: 20VDC   ~55VDC)
Operating currentContinuous current: 20A,    Peak current: 40A (Ambient temperature below 25℃)
Power range≤1200   W 
Speed range200rpm~20000rpm   (Two-pole motor)
Adapted motorBrushless DC hall motor(120°)
Working modeHall speed closed-loop mode(Factory Default), Open-loop   mode(Optional)
Speed adjustment modeSupport external potentiometer speed control(Factory   Default),external voltage(0 - 5 V) , and if PWM speed control or CAN speed   control is needed, one of them needs to be configured before delivery.
Protective functionOver-voltage protection, Under-voltage protection, Over-current   protection, Over-temperature protection, Soft-Start and hall signal fault   alarm function.
Working environmentNo corrosive, flammable, explosive, conductive gas, liquid and   dust.
Heat dissipation modeNatural cooling or external radiator.

Interface :

InterfacePin nameDefinitionFunction description
Power interfaceVDC20~55V DC inputConnect to the positive pole of the power supply
GNDPower   GroundConnect to the negative pole of the power supply
Motor interfaceUMotor   phase – UConnect the motor power line – phase U
VMotor   phase – VConnect the motor power line – phase V
WMotor   phase – WConnect the motor power line – phase W
HUHall   signal phase - UConnect the motor hall phase - U line
HVHall   signal phase - VConnect the motor hall phase - V line
HWHall   signal phase - WConnect the motor hall phase - W line
E+5V5V power outputConnect the positive pole of hall power line
(provide Max. 200 mA)
GND 5V GroundConnect the negative pole of hall power line

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